We Love Helping 7-Figure Companies
Become 8-Figure Companies...
... and We've Been Doing it Since the Late 1900's.

who we are
PackWagon is a Strategic Marketing Consultancy
We are passionate about connecting great companies with more of their ideal clients and increasing their cash-flow, especially companies in the outdoor, automotive, and adult beverage industries. 

how we work
Strategic thinking to solve business and marketing problems. 
Fully monetizing your customers is the key to sustainable business successes, and can also provide amazing "instant" jumps in revenue and profits. Want to gain 15% or 50% in revenues immediately and a plan to compound that over time to 2x, 3x or even 10x your profits or more? We'll analyze your business and outline more than a dozen ways you can provide the greatest value to your customers, over the longest period of time - and get paid the most in return. 

where are you right now?
Step 1 is looking at where are you now. What keeps you up at night? Why are you stuck? What is preventing you from achieving the success you deserve?

where do you want to go?
Step 2 is determining where you want to go. How will your business look when you get there? How will your life look? (Because it all matters.)

Here's how to get you there!
Step 3 is plotting the roadmap to get you from stuck to unstuck. Finally helping you achieve your goals. With a step-by-step plan for every step of the way.

"75% Less Staff and $750,000 in 18 Months"

He’s smart, technical and a very good marketer – plus, in the past 18 months Lee has created processes to make the company run better with 75% less staff and has also helped us successfully resolve over $750,000 in affiliate and other debt! Thanks Lee!
- Brad Fallon

"Increased My Business Leads Over 300%"

Using the offline strategies alone I’ve been able to increase my business leads by over 300%! Thanks Lee Collins and team!
- Stephanie Frank
More About PackWagon Co.
Co-founded by Dan Boles and Lee Collins, PackWagon brings 50+ years of experience and strategic thinking together to solve your marketing problems. Both outdoor adventurists at heart that were tired of the tension between what they did for work (Marketing) and what they did for play (Outdoor Adventure), they launched PackWagon in 2018 with a clear vision and strategy to eliminate that tension and pack everything together in a symbiotic relationship that balances work and play. This doesn’t just allow them to enjoy more time doing what they love, it fuels their passion to help their clients do the same.
Lee Collins
PackWagon West
Ogden, UT
In today's ruthlessly competitive marketplace, the ability to think differently is necessary to solve modern business challenges.

Since 1999, Lee has been a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, local businesses, Fortune 500's, congressmen and has helped people around the world build, grow and scale their business faster. He is well-known as "the marketer other marketers call when they have marketing problems".
Dan Boles
PackWagon East
Atlanta, GA
Your results matter. Your relationships matter more. Are you too busy chasing results to invest in relationships?

Dan is an entrepreneur-at-heart with nearly 20 years of experience working with small, medium, and Fortune 100 businesses. Dan is not only an insightful influencer, he’s a brilliant business consultant who has the ability to quickly assess problems and construct solutions that get results.
A Few Kind Words...

"An Asset to Your Business for Years to Come"

Lee Collins is a one in a million person who teaches you by listening in ways that other miss. He uses his experience to really get the most out of you, and provides honest and actionable feedback that will be an asset to your and your business for years to come!
- Brian Basilico

"...ruthless when it comes to marketing"

Lee, you are a force and ruthless when it comes to marketing. I will always remember and be grateful for the Rockstar Platinum event. You brought the best people together. - Sherrie Rose

"Listen and Take Notes"

Lee Collins has a calm way of looking at things from different angles to come up with unique and useful solutions to issues. He's also wickedly smart about how to grow your business. I'd highly recommend getting time with him if you can, and listen and take notes on what is said!
- Rick Dearr

"Nothing But Good Came From Making That Call"

Just did my scheduled appointment with Lee Collins, and I gotta say, Lee is one of the most genuine guys I've ever met! (I have met him in passing before, but never really got to know him.) Nothing but good came from making that call. (Just saying) These calls are zero pitch, full on help from a friend who would give the shirt off his back to someone.
- Tom Bell
Frequent Questions About PACKWAGON:
What kind of services do you provide?
Our passion is Marketing and business strategy. We believe too many people charge forward with no vision, no focus and worse, no plan (and that's a big reason most businesses fail). 

We will either 1) hand the strategy map to your team who can then implement in-house, or 2) if you need us to help, our team also offers social media, SEO, content, design, branding, videos, advertising, blog posts, copywriting, and more. PackWagon Co. is a full service Strategic Marketing Consultancy.
Do you build funnels?
Yes... but, funnels are only a small part of what helps a business grow. After we look at where you are and determine what you need, if a funnel is needed yes we can build it for you. 

We have a strict "no prescription with a diagnosis" policy.
How can I learn more? Can we talk?
Yes, if you want to speak with someone please CLICK HERE to request a callback.
Who are some of the companies you have helped?
A few companies either Lee, Dan, or both have worked with are shown below.
What if I have a question not listed here?
Please CLICK HERE to request a callback.
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